Compact Camera’s

Believe it or not all my photo’s have been taken with a compact camera! I would LOVE to own a SLR but just don’t have the money, but I’m saving up! However although SLR’s are the best, compacts are very reliable! What i have found is that they can easily be taken out with you, there space saving, and they get into small places easily. Compacts can easily be taken away, slipped into a small bag and taken out quickly when needed. This photo was taken with a canon powershot A3300 IS, its great to get into small places, the macro setting was great and is generally simple to use. 

Photo edited with – Pixlr-o-matic and iPhoto Image


2 thoughts on “Compact Camera’s

  1. Some compacts are brilliant. I have a DSLR, a Bridge and a compact. The compact is a Sony Ericsson Cybershot – which means it’s naff because it takes forever to take the picture after pressing the button. However, the pictures that come out of it are brilliant.

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