Up close and personal… Tree’s

Whenever you want to get the best out of nature you always have to get down to natures level. For example getting down on your hands and knees if it means you get a good photo! These are three of my pictures, i have got dirty from lying down on the mud but if it means capturing that shot then i’m more then happy to do so haha. So one tip if you lie down to take a shot, i would recommend lying on your back instead of your front , this gives you more movement and doesn’t strain your neck and also allows you to see through the lens more easily.

And tip 2 don’t be afraid to look weird infront of people, ill go out and lie on the floor, role around, climb trees, if it means a great photo afterwards. So don’t be afraid to get dirty either. I say the dirtier you get the better the photo! 

So whats the point?

So you may be thinking, how does it make the photo any better?… But it creates a different perspective then just standing up and taking a straight on shot. If gives the photo the perspective of perhaps an animal, lower down then a human so makes the photo more interesting and captures the height of the tree (depending on height)ImageImageImage


6 thoughts on “Up close and personal… Tree’s

  1. I really envy you, starting in photography so young. I like your tagline also. Taking pictures is a journey alright, hopefully a lifelong one for us both, and you never stop learning.

    Nice trees!

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