Model work xD

So i finally got round to using my two best mates as part of a new ‘people project’ I tried to go for a moody, grungy look! I’m really please with the way they have turned out!

A few tips when using models:

1.) Make sure you adjust exposure and ios levels! This is critical when shooting in low/natural light! But also allows you to “set the tone” of the picture. I used low exposure levels for most of my pictures, to create an eery, moody effect.

2.) To create a moody shadow effect, (i find) that outside, natural light is the best! So head out on a sunny day, and find a tree or bush that could cast a shadow on your model! I personally love the way the light falls through the tree’s and transforms the feel of the end photo.

3.) Use a decent camera! You may or may not have a SLR or DSLR but for truly capturing your vision, i would recommend borrowing someones SLR camera or if you have your own.. thats perfect! The reason for this is because the focus levels, quality of photo and general seeing your vision come to life  is by far going to be 100% better then on a digital/compact. However if you have a high quality compact or if your going for the lomography effect then that should be fine! Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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