You can create …

You can create unique and amazing photographs by merging two pictures together. As part of my ‘project 2’ i decided that i would take my photo’s a little further and try photo merging.

First choose a picture to use as the foreground. One that you think would dramatically enhance or change the look and feel of the picture. I have chosen pictures photographed by me, of nature as my foreground pictures. This is because i particularly like the effect it brings when merging with another picture.

Here are some of my pictures:

The results are amazing and i love the layers and depth it brings.

You can merge more then 2 pictures together… 3 or 4 even. This outcomes in more detailed layered pictures. TIP: be careful when using more then 2 pictures together, you don’t want your picture looking over crowed and confusing!

Adjust opacity levels, so that your pictures blend beautifully together!

Software: Photoshop, pixlr or any other software or online edited that allows you to add photo onto photo

The second photo is probably my favourite! I absolutely love how the foreground picture of the tree has merged with the models top (left) 






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