Shooting in black&white

Sometimes capturing scenery and people in black and white can be a struggle. A lot of the time i find that pictures come out too dark or too light, over exposed or just simply that the picture doesn’t capture the moment as you would like it to.

So how can we make black and white photo’s look better?

Well, changing your camera setting to black and white (cannon=monochrome) rather than editing your picture into black and white afterwards, almost always has left me with better looking results. Doing so means that your camera picks up the natural highlights and shadows of what your shooting and transfer them evenly into black and white. Whereas if you were to put a black and white filter over the photo you can find that the filter doesn’t reflect the true essence of the picture and looks less original (or fake/tacky in other words.)

What about exposure and shutter speed?

If you are working in an outdoor space with lots of light, shooting in a lower shutter speed (400-800) will make your photo less grainy and comes out better. However if you are working in low level lighting using a higher shutter speed will capture your shot quickly and will cause less blurring. This is the same for both b&w and colour.


One of the most annoying things when it comes to photography is when you have a great shot lined up or you want to capture something quickly and your picture comes out blurry. Often this is not down to your exposure levels or shutter speed but the way you are holding the camera and how much you are shaking it (without knowing)

So a great tip is to hold your camera like this:


I made this collage to show you step by step how to hold your camera. What this does is it steadies the camera and reduces shaking so you can get your perfect shot! No need for any added equipment!

I hope this post has helped or inspired you! Like, comment and share if you wish. Here are some black&white shots of my own:



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