Introducing: Vinyl Staircase – Solitude

My 4 mates have a band called Vinyl Staircase, check them out!


Vinyl Staircase

vinyl staircaseI love it when I stumble unexpectedly across new bands and this was another Soundcloud find. Luckily for me they happen to be releasing an EP soon and have just released this video for track Solitude today so it’s great timing for me to introduce you to Vinyl Staircase.

Vinyl Staircase are a 4 piece band from the Dorking, Surrey and are all just 16 years of age. Their original material is written with influences from Indie music, Led Zeppelin, Psychedelic music, Math Rock and Shoegaze.

They usually plug in and loud but they also go out as an acoustic band consisting of Mandolins, Guitars, Ukuleles, Banjos and Bouzoukis! Cool huh!  You may also see them Busking on the streets of Guildford, playing to passers by and entertaining the shoppers so keep your eye out for them and give them all your spare change, and some notes if you’re…

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