About Me

My name is Isabella Hart. I am a friendly and creative 16-year-old, currently studying theatre and media at the BRIT School for performing arts and technology. I love music, art, videography and politics and  have always had a passion and interest in photography. I think photography is such an amazing way to capture this beautiful world and would love to pursue it as a future career.

I work with a cannon 400D and am mainly based in Surrey but work in and around London a lot of the time. Although i am only 16, i have picked up great knowledge and skills about photography and I am constantly learning and growing with every photo I take.

Thanks for all your support! Follow my blog to see my latest projects, tips and photo’s and to join me on my journey!


35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I read a book by Mike Figgis about how to make films – it might interest you as he talks a lot about setting up, planning etc, plus it is a really good short read. He makes a point about valuing your tools, which I think applies to us all. Not necessarily become a gear freak, but understand what you want to do, find the best way to do it, and look after it.A camera has to feel right in your hands, not just have the best focus, pixels etc. I am never without a pen and paper and my camera phone is always on when I am out and about. You never know…

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog Isabella. Your photographs are lovely! I have a 14 year old daughter and she goes to an arts school too. Best of luck to you!

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